Coming to YOUR TOWN: HANDS-ON PC Maintenance Training
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Cal - Yes, I'm in California
and I'm a trainer, that's what I do.


To be more specific, I'm in coastal South Orange County, California, but I
have been known to travel. In fact, if you watch this space you might soon
see the chronicle of my several years of national travel, written as I
wafted from hotel room to hotel room in search of the perfect trainee.

I found some, too! I also found many who were just this side of perfect,
and one or two trainees who needed nothing so much as a good thrashing.
Out of the three to four thousand people I had in my classes
during that period of time, I reckon one or two bad apples is about
par for the barrel.

To go on being specific, I am a trainer of adults in desktop computer technology.
Several of my classes are conducted regularly in Southern California,
and you can find detailed descriptions of those courses by clicking here.
I would be pleased to have you in my classes!

I would be even more pleased to pack up my laptop, projector and
bucketfull of broken computer parts and bring a whole PC maintenance workshop to you.
I travel well, I am willing to go to remote locations in the name of technical training on
desktop PCs, and you and I can work out an arrangement that will bring one or more of
my workshops or seminars to your school, office, factory, call center,
hotel, gymnasium, yurt, hogan, loft, kiva or penthouse.

But I do some other things too.

I make good things to read about technology (never say 'technical writer').
I am an excellent writer, and while you may not agree with me,
I believe you will understand and appreciate my point of view.
You can find samples of my writing work at

And my writing skill lends itself to an increasing number of websites, too.
You can see some examples of that work by clicking here,
or here - the site of Jennifer Heflin, Laguna Woods real estater,
or here - the site of civic activist and advocate of car-free living, Michael Hoag,
or here - the site of fine furniture impresaria Judy Lawrence,
or here - the sites of clay figurine sculptor Jessica deStefano,
also an entrepreneur with a fine line of yoga figurines to sell,
or here, where Laguna Beach makes facts known about its annual Patriot's Parade.

My rates for web work are reasonable and so am I.
If you been scared off by grandiose plans and five figure quotes
when all you wanted was some exposure and an address
of your own on the web, give me a ring.

I'm glad we had this little time together today.
Things change on and often.
So y'all come back now, hear?

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Frenchtown, NJ

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